Board Portal Pricing Plan Overview

board portal pricing policy

The digital boardroom is becoming more and more a reality. Today this software solution is a widely used technology for organizing a board meeting online in all leading companies. In this article, we are going to consider the main peculiarities of the board software functionality and board portal pricing policy.

What is a board portal?

Business models are rapidly evolving with technology, and when it comes to choosing business software, it’s imperative to consider the long-term perspective and implications. The main task is to achieve the flexibility of the software product, which will allow the entrepreneur to keep up with the times and outperform the competition. Also, the product should be available at a price that will allow you to immediately focus on completing business tasks, and not spend years developing your own IT product. The “best investment” into corporate management for today is the use of cloud computing, namely SaaS. With SaaS, customers do not own or pay for the software. Payment is made solely for the use of the software product through the web interface or application.

A board portal is a perfect example of SaaS model software. It is the most popular boardroom technology in all types of organizations, from large to small. After a sluggish start with years of small-scale use of the technology, the sector is now growing rapidly.

The board portal is a system for automating the work of Boards of Directors, Management Boards, Committees, working groups, and operational meetings of top management. The system is addressed to large and medium-sized companies, private equity funds, commercial structures, and government bodies.  It allows you to easily prepare for meetings and meetings, put forward questions for discussions, appoint executors and responsible persons, track the status of execution of instructions. At the same time, all the necessary information will be available in one window mode on the iPad or any PC through a browser

How does the software work?

The board room is an operating system that helps solve the problem of building a corporate mobility contour and creating trusted solutions that ensure the protection of information and communications in government agencies and large commercial organizations.

The solution automates the entire process of holding meetings: from the formation of a calendar of events to fixing the decisions made in the draft protocol. The main advantages are:

  • information security through the use of cryptographic algorithms;
  • offline access in a mobile application installed on a tablet, as well as secure access from a desktop computer;
  • a wide range of tools and the availability of pre-configured templates for the formation of accompanying and reporting documents;
  • improved information, communication, and board collaboration;
  • meetings are held with the use of an enhanced unqualified electronic signature, that is, a legally significant vote is provided.

How much does a board portal cost?

Nowadays the IT market presents a variety of board portal vendors for your business needs. If you need to choose the software provider for your corporate management, it is recommended to pay attention to the following aspects: easy-to-use interface, total security, customer support, and price.

Every board portal vendor offers several pricing options. Most often pricing policy is determined depending on the size of a team or time of subscription.  Besides, almost all software providers have a free trial version for 1 month, so you can test the software, and decide if it is suitable for your company structure.